The Weekly Briefing Archive 2018

An Open Letter Regarding Harassment and Discrimination in the Economics Profession – [Medium]12.28.18


Mark Zuckerberg Declares Victory At the End of a Brutal Year for Facebook: ‘I’m Proud of the Progress We Made’ – [Business Insider] 12.28.18


Wells Fargo Agrees to Pay $575 Million to Resolve State Investigations– [The New York Times] 12.28.18


Justice Department Backs Off Comcast-NBCUniversal Merger Probe– [New York Post] 12.28.18


Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech – [The New York Times] 12.28.18


Robert Mercer Cuts Political Spending After Unwelcome Turn in Spotlight – [Bloomberg] 12.27.18


President Trump’s Retreat on the Environment Is Affecting Communities Across America – [The New York Times] 12.27.18


Reid Hoffman Is Learning an Early Rule of Being a Megadonor: It’s Hard to Keep Track of Your Money – [Recode]12.27.18


Expect More Turbulence From Trump’s Fed Fight – [Financial Times]12.27.18


Market Regulators Maintain Skeleton Crews as Shutdown Drags Out – [Bloomberg] 12.27.18


Likely Head of Global Warming Committee Will Reject Fossil Fuel Donations – [Sludge] 12.24.18


Mnuchin’s Attempt to Soothe the Markets Backfires Spectacularly – [Vanity Fair] 12.24.18


Trump Blasts Fed Again As ‘Only Problem’ in US. Economy – [Reuters]12.24.18


Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Spent His Weekend Calling Top Bank Execs Post Shutdown – [Huff Post] 12.24.18


Facebook’s Lonely Conservative Takes on a Power Position – [Wall Street Journal] 12.24.18


Why It’s Hard to Escape Amazon’s Long Reach – [Wired] 12.23.18


Billionaire Megadonor Robert Mercer Cuts Back On Support for GOP After Being Scrutinized for Backing Trump – [CNBC] 12.21.18


How to Fix America’s Monopoly Problem – [Take Care] 12.21.18


‘A Dirty Deal’: Wave of Siemens Plant Closures Hits Latest Victims in the US– [The Guardian] 12.20.18


Under New Leadership, the C.F.P.B. Lives On – [The New York Times] 12.20.18


Global Trade Tensions Boil Over at Staid W.T.O. Forum – [The New York Times] 12.19.18


Facebook Rebuked for Failing to Disclose Data-Sharing Deals – [The New York Times] 12.19.18


Status Quo Farm Bill Does Not Tackle Agriculture Consolidation Nor Address the Farm Crisis – [Open Markets Institute] 12.19.18


DC Attorney General Sues Facebook Over Alleged Privacy Violations From Cambridge Analytica Scandal – [The Washington Post] 12.19.18


GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer to Merge Consumer Health Units – [The New York Times] 12.19.18


Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile Would Take a Bite Out of Wireless Workers’ Paychecks, Researchers Say – [The Washington Post] 12.19.18


Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Would Mean Lower Wages Across Wireless Retail, Study Finds – [Fortune] 12.19.18


Facebook Admits to Giving Other Tech Firms Access to Private Messages, But Only With Consent – [CNBC] 12.19.18


FT Person of the Year: George Soros – [Financial Times] 12.19.18


As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants – [The New York Times] 12.18.18


How You Can Help Fight the Information Wars – [The New York Times] 12.18.18


FCC Forces California to Drop Plan for Government Fees on Text Messages – [Ars Technica] 12.18.18


Trump Agrees to Shut Down His Charity Amid Allegations That He Used It For Personal and Political Benefit – [The Washington Post] 12.18.18


Elizabeth Warren: It’s Time to Let the Government Manufacture Generic Drugs – [The Washington Post] 12.18.18


Facebook Urged to Change Leadership by Group of Nonprofits – [Bloomberg]12.18.18


Google’s Secret China Project “Effectively Ended” After Internal Fight – [The Intercept] 12.18.18


Huawei’s New Playbook in Washington: Drop PR and Hire Lawyers – [Wall Street Journal] 12.18.18


Elizabeth Warren Plan Would Allow the Government to Manufacture Its Own Generic Drugs – [The Intercept]12.18.18


The Future of American Broadband Is a Comcast Monopoly – [Motherboard]12.17.18


Goldman Sachs Faces First Criminal Charges in 1MDB Scandal – [Bloomberg] 12.17.18


Google to Add $1 Billion New York Campus for 7,000 More Workers – [The New York Times] 12.17.18


Michael Flynn’s Business Partner Charged With Illegally Lobbying For Turkey – [Washington Post] 12.17.18



New Report on Russian Disinformation, Prepared For the Senate, Shows the Operation’s Scale and Sweep – [Washington Post] 12.16.18


A Look at Competition in Business Urges Us to Think Small – [The New York Times] 12.14.18


New Farm Bill Won’t Save Small Farmers – [Huff Post] 12.14.18


The True Absurdity Of The Amazon HQ2 Bidding War – [Huff Post] 12.14.18


Johnson & Johnson Shares Plunge After Report That Says It Knew About Asbestos In its Baby Powder – [CNN]12.14.18


Congress May Have Fallen for Facebook’s Trap, but You Don’t Have To – [The New York Times] 12.13.18


The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules – [The New York Times] 12.13.18


‘They Don’t Care’: Facebook Fact-Checking in Disarray As Journalists Push to Cut Ties – [The Guardian] 12.13.18


Michael Cohen, Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Who Implicated Him in Hush-Money Scandal, Sentenced to 3 Years – [The New York Times] 12.12.18


Harvard Quietly Amasses California Vineyards—and the Water Underneath – [Wall Street Journal]12.12.18


Who’s More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 — or $400,000? – [ProPublica] 12.12.18


Why Criticism of Amazon Isn’t Sticking – [Vox] 12.11.18


Google and Congress Botch an Opportunity – [Bloomberg] 12.11.18


We Must Rethink the Purpose of the Corporation – [Financial Times] 12.11.18


In the U.S, Many Complaints About Big Tech, Little Action – [Bloomberg]12.11.18


Read Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Prepared Remarks to Congress – [Business Insider] 12.11.18


Sundar Pichai of Google Testifies on Capitol Hill – [The New York Times]12.11.18


How the IRS Was Gutted – [ProPublica]12.11.18


The Remarkable Tale of the Corporate Lobbyist Sworn In as a Temporary U.S. Senator – [The Intercept] 12.10.18


Google Will Shut Down Google+ Four Months Early After Second Data Leak– [The Verge] 12.10.18


Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret – [The New York Times] 12.10.18


Musk Rips SEC: ‘I Do Not Respect Them’ – [The Hill] 12.10.18


Establishment Looks to Crush Liberals on Medicare For All – [Politico] 12.10.18


Search Is On for Google Workers Leaking Secrets – [The Times] 12.09.18


China Warns Canada of ‘Heavy Price’ Over Huawei Arrest – [The New York Times] 12.09.18


Millions of Americans Could Face Surprise Emergency Room Bills in January – [Bloomberg] 12.09.18


Congress May Have Accidentally Freed Nearly All Banks From the Volcker Rule – [Yahoo! Finance] 12.07.18


Speed of Revolving Door Between SEC and Private Sector Is Shocking, Says Expert On Regulatory Capture – [Marketwatch] 12.07.18


How to Save the Web – [The New York Times] 12.07.18


Mark Zuckerberg Is More Ruthless Than Clueless – [Bloomberg] 12.06.18


Zuckerberg’s New Enemy: European Lawmakers – [Axios] 12.06.18


Google, IBM, Oracle to Talk Tech at White House – [Bloomberg] 12.06.18


Facebook’s Dirty Tricks Are Nothing New for Tech – [Wired] 12.06.18


Send Noncompete Agreements Back to the Middle Ages – [Bloomberg] 12.06.18


Google’s “Shadow Workforce” Has Demands – [Slate] 12.06.18


Facebook Ends Platform Policy Banning Apps That Copy Its Features– [TechCrunch] 12.05.18


Seized Cache of Facebook Docs Raise Competition and Consent Questions – [TechCrunch] 12.05.18


Facebook Gave Some Companies Special Access to Users’ Data, Documents Show – [The New York Times]12.05.18


Brazilian Car Wash Scandal Draws in Glencore and Trafigura – [The Guardian] 12.05.18


Watchdog to Dig Deep Into PWC Audits – [The Times] 12.05.18


How Trump Appointees Curbed a Consumer Protection Agency Loathed by the GOP – [The Washington Post]12.04.18


Here’s What a Judge Can—and Can’t—Do in Ruling on the Justice Department’s Deal With CVS and Aetna – [CNBC] 12.04.18


Trump Says China Will Curtail Fentanyl. The U.S. Has Heard That Before. – [The New York Times] 12.04.18


French ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Show Pain of Macron’s Tax Policy – [Financial Times]12.04.18


Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior – [Scientific American] 12.04.18


Occupy Jamie Dimon: Activists Are Chasing the Billionaire Across the U.S.– [Bloomberg] 12.04.18


France and Germany Abandon Plans for EU Digital Tax – [Financial Times]12.04.18


Too Big to Derail? Why Breaking Up Big Tech Makes Sense – [The Globe and Mail] 12.04.18


Slowing Economy Could Increase Pressure on Big Tech – [Axios] 12.04.18


The Shocking Truth: In Silicon Valley Wages Are Down For Everyone But the Top 10% – [CNBC] 12.03.18


Why Are Taxi Drivers in New York Killing Themselves? – [The New York Times] 12.03.18


Facebook Must Recognise It Is More Than a Platform – [Financial Times]12.03.18


American Capitalism Isn’t Working – [The New York Times] 12.03.18


I Quit Google Over Its Censored Chinese Search Engine. The Company Needs to Clarify Its Position on Human Rights – [The Intercept] 12.02.18


Google Employees Are So Angry About How Google Handled Plans For a Censored Chinese Search Engine, Some Are Talking About a Strike – [CNBC] 12.01.18


Former Trump White House Lawyer Emerges As a Contender for Attorney General – [CNN] 11.30.18


Facebook Quietly Hired Republican Strategy Firm Targeted Victory – [TechCrunch] 11.30.18


An Amazon Revolt Could Be Brewing As the Tech Giant Exerts More Control Over Brands – [Recode] 11.30.18


Facebook Agrees to Publicize Its Civil Rights Audit – [Mother Jones] 11.30.18


We Are All Losing Out As Corporate Concentration Grows – [Financial Times]11.30.18


EPA Watchdog Closes Two Probes Into Scott Pruitt’s Conduct, Citing His Resignation – [The Washington Post]11.30.18


Sheryl Sandberg Is Said to Have Asked Facebook Staff to Research George Soros – [The New York Times]11.29.18


Cohen Pleads Guilty and Details Trump’s Involvement in Moscow Tower Project – [The New York Times]11.29.18


Amazon Under Fire in Europe as Germany Adds Antitrust Probe – [Bloomberg] 11.29.18


US Antitrust Enforcement Falls to Slowest Rate Since 1970s – [Financial Times] 11.28.18


Meet New York City’s Highest-Earning Official. He’s a Debt Collector for Predatory Lenders. – [Bloomberg] 11.28.18


Antitrust and How the American Dream Is Becoming a Sucker’s Game– [Barron’s] 11.28.18


Alibaba’s Jack Ma Is a Communist Party Member, China State Paper Reveals – [Reuters] 11.27.18


Competition Is Dying, and Taking Capitalism With It – [Bloomberg] 11.26.18


The Monopolization of America – [The New York Times] 11.26.18


EU Leaders Agree UK’s Brexit Deal at Brussels Summit – [BBC] 11.25.18


Concern Grows at Tory Link to US Lobby Firm in Facebook Smear Scandal – [The Guardian] 11.25.18


UK Parliament Seized Internal Documents Related to Facebook’s Privacy and Data Decisions – [The Verge] 11.25.18


The Website That Shows How a Free Press Can Die – [The New York Times]11.23.18


British MPs Urge Boycott of Google, Facebook Over Terrorist Content – [Axios] 11.22.18


US Wireless Data Prices Are Among the Most Expensive on Earth – [Motherboard] 11.21.18


Facebook Admits To Targeting Billionaire George Soros In PR Attack– [Huff Post] 11.21.18


Facebook Finds Its Fall Guy – [Vanity Fair] 11.21.18


Trump’s Tariffs Haven’t Really Transformed Trade. Yet. – [The New York Times] 11.21.18


Antitrust For The Many, Not The Few– [The Nation] 11.21.18


Read the Mud-Slinging Pitches Facebook’s PR Firm Sent Us – [TechCrunch] 11.20.18


“I Hereby Confess Judgment” – [Bloomberg] 11.20.18


With Facebook at ‘War,’ Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style – [The New York Times] 11.20.18


With Facebook at ‘War,’ Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style – [Wall Street Journal] 11.19.18


Too Rich to Jail – [The New York Times]11.19.18


Founder’s Big Idea to Revive BuzzFeed’s Fortunes? A Merger With Rivals – [The New York Times] 11.19.18


Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s Chairman, Arrested Over Financial Misconduct – [The New York Times] 11.19.18


Sackler Family Members Face Mass Litigation and Criminal Investigations Over Opioids Crisis – [The Guardian]11.19.18


The New York Hustle of Amazon’s Second Headquarters – [The New Yorker] 11.19.18


Pfizer to Raise Prices on 41 Prescription Drugs Next Year Despite Pressure From Trump – [CNBC] 11.16.18


Stung by Trump and Midterms, the Koch Network Changes its Approach– [] 11.16.18


The Real Amount of Amazon’s HQ2 Subsidies? $4.6 Billion – [The Intercept]11.16.18


Facebook Morale, Hurt by Share Drop, Suffers Another Hit – [Bloomberg] 11.16.18


How to Find Out What Facebook Knew – [The New York Times] 11.16.18


‘No Morals’: Advertisers React to Facebook Report – [The New York Times] 11.16.18


Scoop: The millionaire Funding the Campaign to Break Up Facebook – [Axios] 11.16.18


When the Tech Mythology Collapses – [The Atlantic] 11.16.18


Learn Less In College, Earn Less In Your Job – [Forbes] 11.16.18


Democrats Should Un-Friend Facebook – [The New York Times] 11.16.18


Why Is New York Paying Amazon More Than Virginia? – [Bloomberg]11.15.18


Britain Has Reached A New Worst-Case Scenario on Brexit – [The Washington Post] 11.15.18


Times Scoop Casts Doubt on Facebook’s Remaining Credibility – [Columbia Journalism Review] 11.15.18


Facebook Pressured a Top Exec to Say He Supported Gary Johnson Over Trump – [Wall Street Journal] 11.15.18


Facebook’s Top Lawyer — Who Said He Was Leaving the Company — Isn’t Leaving After All, Because Facebook Is Still In Crisis – [Recode] 11.15.18


Facebook’s Leaders Didn’t Get It and Still Don’t – [Bloomberg] 11.15.18


Mark Zuckerberg Responds To Times Facebook Report: ‘I Learned About This Yesterday’ – [Huff Post] 11.15.18


Facebook Is a Normal Sleazy Company Now – [Slate] 11.15.18


Across the West Powerful Firms Are Becoming Even More Powerful – [The Economist] 11.15.18


Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis – [The New York Times] 11.14.18


Did Helping Big Banks Pay Off For Democrats? – [Huff Post] 11.14.18


Inside Georgia’s Secret Bid for Amazon’s Second Headquarters – [AJC]11.14.18


How Amazon Landed Up to $2 Billion in Subsidies For Its New Headquarters – [The Verge] 11.13.18


Amazon HQ2 to Benefit From More Than $2.8 Billion In Incentives From Virginia, New York and Tennessee – [The Washington Post] 11.13.18


New York City Politicians Welcomed Amazon In 2017 Letter To Jeff Bezos – [Huff Post] 11.13.18


Jeff Bezos Will Be Able to Helicopter to Amazon’s New York Headquarters – [Quartz] 11.13.18


Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Isn’t Just Shameful—It Should Be Illegal – [The Atlantic] 11.13.18


Sinclair and 5 Other Media Companies Have Settled With DOJ Over Claims They Worked Together to Set TV Ad Prices – [The Washington Post]11.13.18


Amazon’s Great HQ2 Swindle – [The American Conservative] 11.13.18


Will New York Fund Amazon Subsidies or Student Debt Relief? – [Capital and Main] 11.13.18


The Justice Department’s New Tactic: Leapfrog Judicial Process and Go Straight to the Supreme Court – [The Washington Post] 11.13.18


How to Regulate Tech Platforms – [The American Prospect] 11.13.18


Amazon Confirms Long Island City and Crystal City As Its Secondary Headquarters – [The Verge] 11.13.18


Big Companies Are Pushing Governments Around – [Financial Times]11.13.18


Something Happened to U.S. Drug Costs in the 1990s – [The New York Times] 11.13.18


Trump’s Tax Cut Was Supposed to Change Corporate Behavior. Here’s What Happened – [The New York Times]11.12.18


New York Should Say No to Amazon – [The New York Times] 11.12.18


Amazon’s HQ2 Will Benefit From New York City. But What Does New York Get? – [The New York Times] 11.12.18


Goldman Shares Drop the Most in 7 Years As Malaysia Seeks Refunds on Doomed Deal – [CNBC] 11.12.18


Malaysia Seeking ‘Full Refund’ From Goldman for 1MDB Deals – [Bloomberg]11.12.18


Small Cable Companies Want DOJ to Reinvestigate Comcast’s Merger With NBC – [The Washington Post] 11.12.18


Public Companies Should Prioritise Shareholder Welfare, Not Value – [Financial Times] 11.12.18


Koch Network Plans a Post-Midterm Push For Key Priorities As Democrats Prepare to Take Over the House – [CNBC] 11.12.18


Be Afraid of Economic ‘Bigness.’ Be Very Afraid. – [The New York Times]11.12.18


Borrowers Face Hazy Path as Program to Forgive Student Loans Stalls Under Betsy DeVos – [The New York Times] 11.12.18


The Guardian View on Political Dark Money: Think Tanks Must Come Clean– [The Guardian] 11.12.18


How AT&T Fooled the Federal Judiciary – [The New York Times] 11.08.18


Google Plans Amazon-Scale Expansion in New York City – [Financial Times] 11.08.18


Facebook Had a Good Election Day. But It Can’t Let Up Now – [The New York Times] 11.07.18


Corporate America Looks Set to Fend Off State Ballot Measures – [Marketwatch] 11.06.18


Companies Pressure Workers to Vote for Corporate Interests Over Their Own – [The Intercept] 11.06.18


Hawaii’s Big Donors Pump Millions Into Mainland Political Campaigns – [Civil Beat] 11.06.18


Seattle’s Radical Plan to Fight Big Money in Politics – [Vox] 11.06.18


Google Workers Reject Silicon Valley Individualism in Walkout – [The New York Times] 11.06.18


Election Day Eve: What the Parties Have Spent on the Midterms – [] 11.06.18


Amazon, Facebook and Google Are All Being Looked At For Antitrust Violations, Trump Says – [Washington Post] 11.05.18


Amazon Plans to Split HQ2 Evenly Between Two Cities – [Wall Street Journal] 11.05.18


Amazon Will Reportedly Split HQ2 Between Two Cities – [CNBC] 11.05.18


Brazil’s New Finance Minister Eyes ‘Pinochet-style’ Fix For Economy – [Financial Times] 11.05.18


Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Amazon – [Netflix] 11.05.18


Booksellers Protest Amazon Site’s Move to Drop Stores From Certain Countries – [The New York Times] 11.05.18


Amazon in Late-Stage Talks With Cities Including Crystal City, Va., Dallas, New York City for HQ2 – [Wall Street Journal] 11.05.18


Trump’s Big Tech Contradictions – [Axios] 11.05.18


Trump Hates That Europe Is Punishing America’s Tech Giants, But Is Happy to Steal the EU’s Ideas – [Business Insider] 11.05.18


The Democrats’ Next Job: Bury Supply-Side Economics – [The New York Times] 11.04.18


The Election Has Already Been Hacked – [The New York Times] 11.04.18


The Social Costs of Ride-hailing May Be Larger Than Previously Thought – [The Economist] 11.02.18


Facebook Promised to Fix Political Ads On Its Platform. It Hasn’t – [CNN]11.02.18


The Killing of FilmStruck Shows That AT&T’s Defense of Its Time Warner Takeover Was a Lie – [Los Angeles Times] 11.02.18


Google Faces Internal Backlash Over Handling of Sexual Harassment – [The New York Times] 11.01.18


The Global Threat of China’s Digital Authoritarianism – [The Washington Post] 10.31.18


Facebook and Apple Know Their Users Will Stick Around – [Bloomberg] 10.31.18


The Fed Is Relaxing Banking Rules. What Goodies Are the Banks Getting? – [The New York Times] 10.31.18


The Science of Inequality – [Scientific American] 10.31.18


The Battle of the Big-Tech Titans Over San Francisco’s Tax for the Homeless – [The New Yorker] 10.31.18


Parts of America Are Still Struggling Economically. They Don’t Matter Much in the Midterms – [The New York Times] 10.31.18


How Congress Could Rein In Google and Facebook – [The Verge] 10.31.18


Facebook Could Be Unrecognizable by 2020 – [The Atlantic] 10.31.18


The New Economy: Bad Capitalism – [Bloomberg] 10.30.18


Big Tech’s Unhealthy Obsession With Hyper-Targeted Ads – [Financial Times]10.29.18


Lobbyist Secretly Wrote House Dems’ Letter Urging Weaker Investor Protections – [Mother Jones] 10.29.18


Brazil’s Polarizing New President, Jair Bolsonaro, in His Own Words – [The New York Times] 10.28.18


The Message of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s New President-Elect – [The Intercept] 10.28.18


Brazil Elects Far-Right Authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro As President – [Huff Post] 10.28.18


Tech Giants Are Bigger Antitrust Threats Than Standard Oil: Stiglitz – [Bloomberg] 10.27.18


Veterans Super PAC Funded By Jeff Bezos Pulls Ad That Attacked Democrat As Traitor Post-9/11 – [Huff Post] 10.26.18


Facebook Fined £500,000 for Cambridge Analytica Scandal – [BBC News] 10.26.18


Uber and Lyft Are Behind a Sharp Rise in US Traffic Deaths – [MIT Technology Review] 10.26.18


American Executives: Election of Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil Is a “Bullish Opportunity for Us” – [The Intercept] 10.25.18


Economists Think Antitrust Policy Should Pay More Attention to Workers– [The Economist] 10.25.18


How Google Protected Andy Rubin, the ‘Father of Android’ – [The New York Times] 10.25.18


Apple’s Tim Cook Blasts Silicon Valley Over Privacy Issues – [Washington Post]10.24.18


New York Sues Exxon Mobil, Saying It Deceived Shareholders on Climate Change – [The New York Times] 10.24.18


Burger King Class Action Lawsuit By Former Employee Sustains Anti-Poaching Issue – [Forbes] 10.24.18


Ubers And Lyfts May Increase Road Deaths, Study Claims – [Forbes] 10.23.18


Paul Volcker, at 91, Sees ‘a Hell of a Mess in Every Direction’ – [The New York Times] 10.23.18


Amazon Pitched Its Facial Recognition System to ICE – [The Verge] 10.23.18


How California Public Employees Fund Anti-Rent Control Fight Unwittingly – [The Guardian] 10.23.18


Trump Is Not Going to Cut Middle Class Taxes This Year, Despite What He Says – [The New York Times] 10.23.18


Saudi Arabia Is Trying To Have A Normal Investment Conference – [Slate] 10.23.18


How Best Buy Survived the Retail Apocalypse – [The Week] 10.23.18


Corporate-Funded Judicial Boot Camp Made Sitting Federal Judges More Conservative – [The Intercept]10.23.18


Trump, Populists and the Rise of Right-Wing Globalization – [The New York Times] 10.22.18


The American Economy Is Rigged – [Scientific American] 10.22.18


An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption – [Wired] 10.22.18


MSNBC and Daily Beast Feature UAE Lobbyist David Rothkopf With No Disclosure: a Scandalous Media-Wide Practice – [The Intercept] 10.22.18


Adelsons Add $25 Million to Their Midterm Campaign Spending – [Bloomberg] 10.21.18


Facebook Hires Nick Clegg As Head of Global Affairs – [The Guardian] 10.19.18


Zuckerberg, Soros, and Steyer Spend Millions on Out-of-State Ballot Initiatives – [The Atlantic] 10.18.18


Pump and Trump – [ProPublica] 10.18.18


How Sears Was Gutted By Its Own CEO – [American Prospect] 10.18.18


“America’s Failure to Lead Is Going to Come Back and Bite Us” – [Slate]10.18.18


Powerful Executives Have Stepped Away From the Saudis. Not SoftBank’s– [The New York Times] 10.18.18


Did Facebook’s Faulty Data Push News Publishers to Make Terrible Decisions on Video? – [Harvard Nieman Lab] 10.18.18


Major Facebook Investors Want Mark Zuckerberg Out As Chairman – [CNBC]10.17.18


Ted Cruz’s Pressure on the EPA Helped Create a Huge Windfall for His Biggest Corporate Campaign Donor – [The Intercept] 10.16.18


Trump’s New NAFTA Supports Tech Monopolies Like Facebook and Google– [Quartz] 10.16.18


Inequality In Silicon Valley Is Getting Worse: Wages Are Down For Everyone But the Top 10 Percent – [Recode] 10.15.18


Why the Brutal Death of IRL Retail Should Scare Everyone – [Vice] 10.15.18


The NHS Is Being Impeded By Greedy Drug Companies – [The Times] 10.15.18


McDonald’s Labor Case Gets Political – [Bloomberg Law] 10.15.18


Myanmar’s Military Said to Be Behind Facebook Campaign That Fueled Genocide – [The New York Times] 10.15.18


Uber’s Secret Weapon Is Its Team of Economists – [Quartz] 10.15.18


What’s Monopsony? It May Be the Reason You Haven’t Had a Raise – [Bloomberg] 10.15.18


Reality Breaks Up a Saudi Prince Charming’s Media Narrative – [The New York Times] 10.15.18


Blackstone and BlackRock Chiefs Withdraw From Saudi Conference – [The New York Times] 10.15.18


Here’s How the FCC Plans to Defend Its Net Neutrality Repeal in Federal Court – [The Washington Post] 10.11.18


DOJ Giving Cover to Monopolizing Firms That Breach Antitrust Rules – [The Hill] 10.11.18


Trump’s Patron-in-Chief – [ProPublica]10.11.18


Fact-Checking President Trump’s USA Today Op-ed On ‘Medicare-For-All’ – [Washington Post] 10.10.18


Donald Trump: Democrats ‘Medicare For All’ Plan Will Demolish Promises to Seniors – [USA Today] 10.10.18


This Is How Amazon Loses – [Newco Shift] 10.10.18


CVS Health and Aetna $69 Billion Merger Is Approved With Conditions – [The New York Times] 10.10.18


Google Challenges Record $5 Billion EU Antitrust Fine – [Reuters] 10.09.18


Exclusive: Audit cleared Google Privacy Practices Despite Security Flaw – [The Hill] 10.09.18


Insider Trading Laws Haven’t Kept Up With the Crooks – [The New York Times] 10.09.18


New Partnership Will Help Us Hold Facebook and Campaigns Accountable– [ProPublica] 10.08.18


Google Shutters the Google+ Social Network After Wall Street Journal Reports a Huge Security Lapse – [Business Insider] 10.08.18


Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public – [Wall Street Journal] 10.08.18


It’s the Wrong Time for a Facebook Surveillance Device – [Bloomberg]10.08.18


How an Algorithm Kicks Small Businesses Out of the Food Stamps Program on Dubious Fraud Charges – [The Intercept] 10.08.18


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Lindsey Graham Welcomed Trump’s China Tariffs, Then Helped Companies Avoid Them – [The New York Times]10.05.18


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EU Might Fine Facebook $1.63B for Latest Data Breach – [The Next Web]10.02.18


Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father – [The New York Times]10.02.18


After Facing Criticism, Amazon Announces It Will Boost Minimum Wage to $15 For All Workers – [The Washington Post] 10.02.18


Worse Than NAFTA – [The New York Times] 10.02.18


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Facebook’s Recent ‘Bear Hug’ of Instagram Frustrated Its Independent Founders, Leading to Their Exit – [Recode] 09.25.18


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Vestager’s Visiting the U.S. Again – [Bloomberg] 09.24.18


White House Distances Itself From Reports That Trump Could Target Facebook, Google and Twitter With a New Executive Order – [The Washington Post] 09.22.18


White House Considers Draft Order to Look Into Google, Facebook – [Bloomberg] 09.22.18


Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Wants to Break Up Social Media Giants – [The Advocate] 09.19.18


With Amazon Probe, EU Takes Cue From ‘Hipster’ Antitrust – [Bloomberg]09.19.18


Deutsche Bank Senior Banker Advised Bosses to Consider Breakup – [Wall Street Journal] 09.19.18


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Tesla Under Investigation by US Justice Department After Elon Musk Tweets – [The Guardian] 09.18.18


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Facebook ‘Better Prepared’ to Fight Election Interference, Mark Zuckerberg Says – [The New York Times]09.13.18


“That Is What These Days Is Called an Alternative Fact” – [Slate] 09.12.18


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Corporations Invested Their Tax Cuts Into Stock Buybacks That Didn’t Even Work – [New York] 07.09.18


Google May Have to Make Major Changes to Android in Response to a Forthcoming Fine in Europe – [The Washington Post] 07.09.18


Government Work Done, Tax Policy Writers Decamp to Lobbying Jobs – [The New York Times] 07.09.18


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States Launch Investigation Targeting Fast-Food Hiring Practices – [The Washington Post] 07.09.18


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Embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns – [The Washington Post] 07.05.18


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Fed Minutes Flag Rising Fears Over Tariffs – [Financial Times] 07.05.18


K Street Staffs Up For a Democratic Takeover – [Politico] 07.05.18


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The Roberts Court Protects the Powerful for a New Gilded Age – [The New York Times] 06.28.18


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DOJ Won’t Appeal AT&T Ruling, Company to Close Time Warner Deal As Soon As Friday – [CNBC] 06.14.18


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For Heitkamp, a Lift From an Unlikely Source: The Koch Brothers – [The New York Times] 06.01.18


Trump Is Preparing to Prop Up Unprofitable Coal Plants With ‘Emergency’ Subsidies – [New York]06.01.18


Top U.S. Antitrust Official Uncertain of Need For Four Wireless Carriers – [Reuters] 06.01.18


Google Plans Not to Renew Its Contract for Project Maven, a Controversial Pentagon Drone AI Imaging Program – [Gizmodo] 06.01.18


American Tech Giants Are Making Life Tough For Startups – [The Economist] 05.31.18


If Wages Are to Rise, Workers Need More Bargaining Power – [The Economist] 05.31.18


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How ‘Googling It’ Can Send Conservatives Down Secret Rabbit Holes of Alternative Facts – [The Washington Post] 05.31.18


George Osborne’s London Evening Standard Sells Its Editorial Independence to Uber, Google and Others – For £3 Million – [Open Democracy] 05.31.18


US Startups Are In a Surprising 13-Year Slump – [Axios] 05.30.18


Big Banks to Get Reprieve from Volcker Rule – [The New York Times]05.30.18


An Advocacy Group for Startups Is Funded by Google and Run by Ex-Googlers – [The Intercept] 05.30.18


Undeterred by Criticism, Koch Foundation Increases Spending in Higher Education – [The Chronicle of Higher Education] 05.30.18


How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google – [The New York Times] 05.30.18


Justice Department Approves Bayer-Monsanto Merger in Landmark Settlement – [The Washington Post]05.29.18


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Papua New Guinea Bans Facebook For a Month to Root Out ‘Fake Users’ – [The Guardian] 05.29.18


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On First Day of GDPR, Ad Industry’s Fears About Google Come True – [Bloomberg] 05.29.18


Origins of an Epidemic: Purdue Pharma Knew Its Opioids Were Widely Abused – [The New York Times]05.29.18


Ivanka Trump Wins China Trademarks, Then Her Father Vows to Save ZTE – [The New York Times] 05.28.18


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A Belgian Legislator Berates and Scoffs at Mark Zuckerberg – [The Atlantic] 05.23.18


Congress Approves First Big Dodd-Frank Rollback – [The New York Times]05.23.18


Drug Suppliers Are Hiding The Profit They Make Off You – [Tarbell] 05.23.18


Yelp Files New EU Complaint Against Google Over Search Dominance – [Financial Times] 05.23.18


Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology – [ACLU Northern California] 05.22.18


Lawmakers Are Trying to Curb Contracts That Make It Harder to Change Jobs – [The Economist] 05.22.18


The Line Between Big Tech and Defense Work – [Wired] 05.21.18


Monopsony in Online Labour Markets– [] 05.21.18


Mnuchin Urges Antitrust Review of Big Tech After Google Report – [Bloomberg] 05.21.18


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Trump Personally Pushed Postmaster General to Double Rates on Amazon, Other Firms – [Washington Post] 05.18.18


Big Business Rules American Agriculture—and Congress Doesn’t Seem to Care – [Center for American Progress] 05.17.18


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Industry Lawyer Expected to Head F.T.C. Consumer Protection – [The New York Times] 05.13.18


A Trial In Milan for Allegations of Corruption Could Be a Turning Point for the Oil Industry – [Neuen Zürcher Zeitung] 05.13.18


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AT&T’s Top Washington Official Out Over Hiring of Trump’s Lawyer – [Bloomberg] 05.11.18


Sheldon Silver Is Convicted in 2nd Corruption Trial – [The New York Times]05.11.18


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PwC Whistleblower Alleges Fraud in Audits of Silicon Valley Companies – [POGO ] 05.10.18


Cohen’s $600,000 Deal with AT&T Specified He Would Advise on Time Warner Merger, Internal Company Records Show – [Washington Post]05.10.18


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AT&T Payments to Trump Lawyer More Than Reported: Source – [Reuters] 05.09.18


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Koch-Backed Groups Are Selling Trump’s Tax Cuts Door-to-Door Ahead of the Midterms – [Bloomberg]05.02.18


Koch-Backed Groups Are Selling Trump’s Tax Cuts Door-to-Door Ahead of the Midterms – [Bloomberg]05.02.18


The Opioid That Made a Fortune for Its Maker — and for Its Prescribers – [The New York Times] 05.02.18


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Documents Show Ties Between University, Conservative Donors – [Associated Press] 05.01.18


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EPA Grants Biofuels Waiver to Billionaire Icahn’s Oil Refinery – [Reuters] 04.30.18


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New Scandal Shakes Eni in Congo Brazzaville. Here’s Who Is Behind Marine XI Giant Gas Field – [L’Espresso] 04.16.18


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Facebook Does Not Exist to Return Profits to Its Shareholders’ – [New York Magazine] 04.11.18


Here’s How Much Facebook Donated to Every Lawmaker questioning Mark Zuckerberg – [The Verge] 04.11.18


The Senate Is Afraid to Govern. That’s Great News for Facebook. – [The Intercept] 04.11.18


Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Hearing Was an Utter Sham – [The Guardian]04.11.18


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In Letter to E.P.A., Top Ethics Officer Questions Pruitt’s Actions – [New York Times] 04.10.18


Silicon Valley Falls to Earth – [The Atlantic] 04.09.18


Justice Department to Allow Bayer’s Acquisition of Monsanto After Company Concessions – [Wall Street Journal] 04.09.18


Facebook and Twitter Are Opening Up a Bit to Academic Researchers, So Platforms “Can Make Better Decisions” – [NiemanLab] 04.09.18


Facebook Should Pay its 2bn Users for Their Personal Data – [Financial Times]04.09.18


Facebook to Create Independent Election Commission to Study Social Media’s Impact on Democracy – [Politico] 04.09.18


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Conspiracy Videos? Fake news? Enter Wikipedia, the ‘Good Cop’ of the Internet – [Washington Post] 04.08.18


In His Haste to Roll Back Rules, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. Chief, Risks His Agenda – [The New York Times] 04.08.18


E.P.A. Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt – [The New York Times] 04.05.18


As Trump Bashes Amazon, the Government Increasingly Relies on It – [Wall Street Journal] 04.05.18


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White-Collar Cases See Big Drop Under Trump but Big Firms Still Finding Work – [The American Lawyer]04.05.18


EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Relied on Obscure Law to Hire Ex-Lobbyists, Schedulers and Spokesmen – [Washington Post] 04.04.18


Charitable Giving by Corporations Is Also About Getting, a New Study Finds – [The New York Times] 04.04.18


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Facebook and Google Are Becoming Too Big to Be Governed, French President Macron Warns – [The Independent] 04.03.18


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The Nation’s Biggest Conservative Broadcaster Is Putting Words in Its Anchors’ Mouths. Critics Blame the FCC – [Washington Post] 04.03.18


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Brussels Plans Crackdown on ‘Fake News’ in Social Media – [Financial Times] 04.02.18


Sinclair Made Dozens of Local News Anchors Recite the Same Script – [The New York Times] 04.02.18


Silicon Valley Warms to Trump After a Chilly Start – [The New York Times]03.30.18


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Google Lobbies Hard to Derail New US privacy Laws – Using Dodgy Stats– [The Register] 03.26.18


Trump Administration Fights Effort to Unionize Uber Drivers – [The Intercept]03.26.18


Facebook Has Been Collecting Call History and SMS Data From Android Devices – [The Verge] 03.26.18


FTC Confirms Investigation of Facebook – [Politico] 03.26.18


EU Competition Chief Holds Threat of Breaking Up Google – [The Telegraph]03.26.18



Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says Sorry in Full-Page Newspaper Ads – [CNN Money] 03.25.18


Facebook Says Warning to Guardian Group ‘Not Our Wisest Move’ – [The Guardian] 03.24.18


Tim Cook Wants ‘Well-Crafted’ Privacy Regulations After Latest Facebook Scandal – [The Verge]03.24.18


Disgraceful Dashcam Video Proves Uber Is the Theranos of Self-Driving– [The Drive] 03.23.18



My Cow Game Extracted Your Facebook Data – [The Atlantic] 03.22.18


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Alex Stamos, Facebook Data Security Chief, To Leave Amid Outcry – [The New York Times] 03.19.18


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Trump Antitrust Cop Splits With EU Over Probes of Big Tech – [Bloomberg]03.16.18


Obama-Era Fiduciary Rule Vacated by the Fifth Circuit – [Bloomberg Law]03.15.18


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Multinationals Pay Lower Taxes Than a Decade Ago – [Financial Times]03.12.18


The Web Can Be Weaponised – and We Can’t Count on Big Tech to Stop It– [The Guardian] 03.12.18


Justice Dept. Alleges AT&T, Comcast Will Together Withhold Content From Digital Rivals – [Hollywood Reporter]03.12.18


There’s a Suspicious Burst of Taxi Rides to and From Wall Street Banks and the NY Fed Around the Time of Key Fed Meetings – [Business Insider]03.12.18


Are You Underpaid? In a First, U.S. Firms Reveal How Much They Pay Workers – [Wall Street Journal] 03.12.18


AT&T Backs Off Political Argument in Antitrust Case – [The New York Times]03.10.18


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