Pro-Market Policy​

ProMarket Policy

The ProMarket publication, published by the George J. Stigler Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, is dedicated to discussing how competition tends to be subverted by special interests. The posts represent the opinions of their writers, not those of the University of Chicago, the Booth School of Business, or its faculty.

The publication is open to submissions from academics, professionals, and regulators about the topics covered by the publication: antitrust and competition, regulatory capture, rent seeking, corporate governance, money in politics, media capture and related subjects. Columns and analyses that appear in the publication are signed by their authors. The only exception is a specific feature called “The Insider Column,” which is written by current and former insiders in organizations whose professional experience is related to issues the publication covers. To ensure that they can speak candidly without any fear of retaliation, we allow them to write anonymously. The editorial board guarantees the authenticity and reliability of the authors of these columns. 

Following feedback we received during our first weeks of operations we wish to clarify the policy regarding the ProMarket byline: the publication posts that appear with the ProMarket byline are meant to be short summaries of reports from other sources (newspapers, research centers, and academic papers). They are prepared by the Center’s staff (often in joint effort) and are aimed at reporting facts, not providing opinions. We also use this byline for stories that cover events that are sponsored by the Center.

We strive to make the ProMarket publication an arena for exchanging opinions, ideas, and facts around the issues that we care about. We therefore encourage our readers to submit well-thought out, articulate comments on the relevant subject matter. As an academic center, we especially welcome strong opinions and criticism. We ask, however, that you limit your criticism to the issue and not to the person writing about it.

In order to keep the comments section a stage for substantive discussion, we reserve the right to moderate comments, especially those that contain inappropriate language, personal attacks, commercial promotions, or impersonations.

If you observe a comment that you find inappropriate, you may direct our attention to it at

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