Xiupeng Wang

Xiupeng Wang is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University. Dr. Wang’s research primarily focuses on the impact of emerging technologies, particularly recent advances in information technologies, on firms and the labor market. His current research studies how Information Technology affects organizational structures, firm sizes, and market concentration. His research also extends to cybersecurity to analyze firms’ human capital acquisition in response to data breaches. Through massive online experiments, Dr. Wang is developing a new measure of household production and finds the currently omitted non-market contribution to the GDP can potentially be greater than we believed before. He is also excited about using the matched employer-employee data from the U.S. Census Research Data Center to study the effect of high-skilled immigration. Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Connecticut and did postdoc research at MIT and Stanford University.

How IT Affects Firm Size, Market Concentration, and the Labor Share

Does investing in information technology (IT) enable firms to “scale without mass” and increase their market share? In a new paper, Erik Brynjolfsson, Wang Jin, and Xiupeng Wang examine how IT affects firm size, market concentration, and the labor share of revenue.

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