Samantha Eyler-Driscoll

Samantha Eyler-Driscoll (MSc Comparative Politics, London School of Economics, 2009) is the former Managing Editor of ProMarket. She specializes in Latin American politics, the relationship between states and markets, and the gender dimensions of political economy. Since 2010 she has edited for business and academic publications in the United Kingdom, Colombia, and internationally. Her political analysis and narrative nonfiction have appeared in Foreign Affairs, New Statesman, New Internationalist, Washington Post, NACLA, Huffington Post, Economy, Arcadia, and elsewhere.

Who Are the Top 1 Percent in America? The Answer from New Research Might Surprise You

A new paper challenges Thomas Piketty’s portrayal of an income distribution dominated at the top by passive rentiers who do nothing to earn their money,...

Of Computers and Cronyism: What’s the Cause of Italy’s Productivity Problem?

The latest Stigler Center working paper from Bruno Pellegrino and Luigi Zingales argues that Italy’s sclerotic TFP growth over the past two decades has...

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