Robert Sprague

Robert Sprague is Professor of Legal Studies in Business at the University of Wyoming College of Business. Professor Sprague’s primary research focuses on the convergence of law, business, and technology, with a particular emphasis in workplace privacy and technology’s impact on labor and employment laws. Additional research topics include small business and corporate governance and compliance. Professor Sprague is a former Editor-in-Chief of the American Business Law Journal and has authored more than three dozen law journal articles and book chapters as well as the textbook, Law for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. He was the original Editor-in-Chief of the treatise, Workplace Data: Law and Litigation, published by Bloomberg/BNA.

The Great Deplatforming: Can Digital Platforms Be Trusted As Guardians of Free Speech?

Online social media platforms accepted the role of moderating content from Congress in 1996. The Great Deplatforming that occurred after January 6 was less...

More and More Employers Are Spying on Workers Online. Federal Regulators Are Okay With It

Employers today have numerous tools at their disposal to monitor workers’ behavior and communications. Outdated federal regulations and an administration that prioritizes employers’ interests...

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