Réka Juhász

Dr. Réka Juhász is an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of British Columbia and a co-founder of the Industrial Policy Group. Prior to UBC, Dr. Juhász was an economics professor at Columbia University. Previously, she was a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University. She holds affiliations with the NBER and CEPR.

Setting the Record Straight on Historical Industrial Policy

While governments have forged ahead with various industrial policies in areas such as clean energy and semiconductors, we still have much to learn about the historical efficacy of such interventions. Réka Juhász and Claudia Steinwender evaluate the growing literature on nineteenth century industrial policy and possible paths for future research.

Economics Must Catch Up On Industrial Policy

Industrial policy was once so out of fashion that it was jokingly called “the policy that shall not be named.” Now it’s back in...

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