Rasmus Landersø

Rasmus Landersø is a senior researcher at the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit in Denmark. Rasmus has obtained his PhD in Economics from Aarhus University and prior to that his Master in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. Rasmus has also been a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago (visiting James J. Heckman), and he is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Capital. Rasmus’ research interest include labor economics, the economics of education, the economics of crime, and applied microeconometrics. His work covers both studies of intergenerational mobility, welfare policies and the role of the public sector, inequality, skill formation, and spillovers in criminal behavior.

What the US Can Learn From Denmark About Inequality and Social Mobility

Denmark has many generous social policies that American progressives seek to emulate. Yet Denmark also has substantial inequality of child outcomes across social and...

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