Javier D. Donna

Javier D. Donna is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Florida. His area of academic research is empirical industrial organization, focusing on antitrust, competition, and public policy. His research has been published in leading academic journals. He has investigated the efficiency of market and non-market institutions, including auctions, posted prices, quotas, and online trading platforms. He has also examined the operation of many industries, including water, transportation, advertising, and labor markets. He was awarded the Public Utility Research Prize for Best Paper in Regulatory Economics at International Industrial Organization Conference, the Young Economist Essay Award at the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, and the Young Economist Prize at Jornadas de Economía Industrial. He is also a research associate at the Robert F. Lanzillotti Public Policy Research Center, and a fellow of the Rimini Center for Economic Analysis.

Rivals’ Exit Should Be Incorporated into the Guidelines for Vertical Merger Evaluation

An exit-inducing vertical merger might reduce welfare even if it is a welfare-enhancing vertical merger absent exit. Therefore, the possibility for rivals’ exit should be incorporated into the guidelines for vertical merger evaluation, write Javier D. Donna and Pedro Pereira in new research.

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