Felix Vetter

Felix Vetter is an assistant professor at the University of Mannheim. In his research, he studies audit markets, with a particular focus on the labor market for auditors and its regulation. His current research addresses topics such as auditor licensing, minority representation in the audit profession, and the role of labor inputs to financial reporting and assurance functions.

Minority and Labor Representation Helps Worker Welfare and Productivity

Matthias Breuer, Wei Cai, Anthony Le, and Felix Vetter find that gender minority representation on German works councils helps to improve worker welfare and productivity.

Mandatory Audits Do Not Provide the Protection Governments Think They Do

In new research, Matthias Breuer, Anthony Le, and Felix Vetter find that when companies are required by the government to seek a third-party financial audit, they turn to lower quality auditors.  As a result, the accounting industry grows, but touted benefits for markets and corporate stakeholders appear elusive.

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