Dieter Plehwe

Plehwe is a senior research fellow in the department “Inequality and Social Policy” at the Berlin Social Science Research Center (WZB). He studied political science, economics and history in Marburg and New York and received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Philipps-University Marburg in 1997. His research interests are related to the larger question of the history and transformation of globalized capitalism, including regional integration in North America and Western Europe, the history and varieties of neoliberalism, transnational expert, consulting and lobby/advocacy networks, and the austerity related makeover of the welfare state. Plehwe serves as an editor of Critical Policy Studies. He is currently working on the global revitalization of entrepreneurship from the 1970s onward, and on the contemporary social co-production of austerity knowledge with a focus on European think tank networks.

Neoliberalism Beyond the Heartlands

Much of the historical analysis of neoliberalism, both its ideological roots and its outcomes, has focused on U.S. and Europe, with figures such as...

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