Christopher Conlon

Christopher Conlon is associate professor of economics at New York University Stern School of Business. Professor Conlon's research focuses on industrial organization and econometrics. More specifically, his work examines contractual relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Important aspects of these relationships include the assortment and availability of products and the dynamics of price competition over time. His recent studies have looked at interactions between taxes, regulations and competition among firms. He has also developed a number of tools for antitrust practitioners. His recent work has examined a variety of industries including LCD televisions, alcoholic beverages and snack foods.

What Antitrust Experts Want You to Know About the Amazon Trial

In late September, the United States Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon for using a set of anticompetitive strategies to maintain its monopoly in the online retail market. ProMarket asked four antitrust experts —two economists and two law professors —to discuss the foundations and strength of the complaint’s arguments, the history of similar cases, and the potential for a legal remedy.

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