Chong Shu

Chong Shu is an assistant professor of finance at the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah. He received his PhD in Finance from USC Marshall in 2021. Shu's research focuses on the political economy of finance, corporate finance, corporate governance, and financial intermediation. His research has been covered by news outlets such as Forbes and National Review, and has been cited by policymakers, including in the SEC and United States Congress.

Investors Should Engage With Firms They Want To Go Green, Not Divest

How can investors use capital markets to encourage emissions reductions? In new research, Matthew E. Kahn, John G. Matsusaka, and Chong Shu examine whether public pension funds are more effective in mitigating pollution when they divest from fossil fuel companies or actively engage their management.

Is Social Science Research Politically Biased?

In new research, Matthew C. Ringgenberg, Chong Shu, and Ingrid M. Werner ask if academic research exhibits political slants. They develop a new measure of the political slant of research and study how it varies by discipline, demographics, and the political party of the sitting United States president. Finally, they show that their measure is related to the researchers' personal political ideology, suggestive of an ideological echo chamber in social science research.

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