Anna Toniolo

Anna Toniolo is a Post-Doc Fellow at the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance. Her research focuses on corporate governance, law and economics, capital markets law and banking law. Anna received her PhD in Comparative and European Legal Studies from the University of Trento, Faculty of Law, where she also earned her LL.B. & LL.M. (five-year combined degree) summa cum laude. Before joining Harvard Law School, Anna practiced as a lawyer in a firm specialized in capital markets law and banking law, and she was Teaching Assistant in Corporate Law at the University of Trento and visiting lecturer at Riga Graduate School of Law.

Twitter’s Corporate Leaders Pushed their Stakeholders under the (Musk) Bus

In a new study, we examine whether, in negotiating the sale to Elon Musk, Twitter’s corporate leaders took into account the commitments to employees...

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