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Contact tracing. If someone had told you six months ago that those would be two critically important words, what would have gone through your mind?

The global race is on to build the best solution, and while we’re all eager for it, nor should we just wave away the myriad issues that this is going to raise.

Luckily, here’s MIT with a way to track and trace (sorry) everything that’s happening. 

Join the Stigler Center on Monday, May 11, for a conversation with The Markup’s editor-in-chief Julia Angwin and University of Chicago Law professor Lior Strahilevitz, moderated by The Intercept’s editor-in-chief Betsy Reed, on the Covid-19 epidemic and what the future may hold for surveillance and privacy.

Debt. Everyone said the build-up was unsustainable, and everyone said it was going to be a problem, someday. For once, everyone was right. And the day has come. 

Want to understand what happened at 2:29 pm on April 20, when a single May crude oil futures contract traded for a negative $40.32 a barrel? Of course, you do!

The crash in the oil market is important for so many reasons—and this is also a really well-told tale.

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