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Yes, yes, I’m obsessed with the rise of private equity: The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m not sure which category this fits intoplease holler if you have thoughts!but, wow.



Talk about something that has and will continue to affect the lives of many Americans (h/T @ritholtz). Speaking of lives, how can I not mention the C-word? For clarity’s sake, I mean the coronavirus.


This story illuminates one of the many places where health, society, and economics are all bound up together.



Maybe I should include politics in that, because if this becomes a story of inequality, and/or incompetence, the C-word may affect the election, too. 


On a totally different note! I was talking to a friend about the fat vs sugar debate and remembered this oldie but very-goodie. 



It’s relevant to your health, of course, but it’s also a good reminder that even what we think of as science is often filtered through a sieve of power, politics, and personality, and what comes out the other end might be anything but scientific. 


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