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In school, our kids learn about having a “growth mindset,” and we all prize personal growth. But maybe stagnation is better?


All kidding aside, there’s a brewing question as to whether economic growth, particularly if it comes at a high cost, is all it’s cracked up to be. Read this for a thoughtful articulation of the issue.



While we might question the benefits of growth, we all believe that sitting presidents of our country shouldn’t use their influence to punish people who own newspapers that have said mean things about them. Even if, or especially if, those things happen to be true. Or…wait! Do we all believe that?


This is scary: 


The ways in which scandals happen and erupt are always fascinating to me, and not just in business. Because so it goes in business, it also goes in lifeand, of course, in baseball. eg, the Astros.



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