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Who, us? Kill dissidents? Hack phones? Nooooo, never. Saudi Arabia, such a surprise, has long maintained that it didn’t hack Jeff Bezos’s phone. But in a bombshell piece that kicked off a media storm, The Guardian says otherwise. If you’re interestedand how can you not be interested?you might as well start with the original:

In other news of larger than life CEOs, Elon Musk is winning his battle (War? Crusade?!) against the short sellers. Readers probably know what I think of Muskbut what that means for Tesla’s ability to survive and thrive, I don’t have a clue. But I do think it’s pretty great that unlike in the old days, where skepticism about superstar companies swirled under the surface, now, you can evaluate the skepticism for yourself thanks to crowdsourcing:

Speaking of larger than life, now that it looks like Boris Johnson hasreallypulled off Brexit, it might be time to revisit this lovely piece. It has everything.  H/T a friend.

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