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OK, OK. I know I’m admittedly obsessed with pensions. But this piece from the Financial Times is about as interesting as one can make the topic, and it highlights the great irony at the core of the pension problem: The very thing that bailed us out of the last financial crisis, which was ultra-low interest rates around the globe, may end up causing the next one. And if pensions fail, the problem may not be mere economic collapse, but social collapse.  





I’m also obsessed with narcissistsis there anyone out there who hasn’t been the victim of one? This piece from Stanford. (H/T Whitney Tilson) talks about what happens when a narcissist runs a company.






Speaking of which! I’m not picking on Elon Musk, I swear. But if you somehow haven’t seen this, you must. Musk may well be a visionary. He is certainly crazy. (And btw, at least in America, craziness is not uncorrelated with success.)



For longer reading, check out this book (H/T my friend Ken). But at the core of it all is the ability to execute, and that may well be Musk’s Achilles heel. 



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