The Covid-19 Economy

Female Academics Are Disproportionately Affected By Covid-19 Disruptions In Childcare

A new paper finds that academics who are parents to young children, and especially mothers, have lost a significant amount of research time that has been displaced by childcare and housework during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Unequal Toll of Covid-19

A pandemic is by definition universal but while it is true that the Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone, it has not done so equally. High-frequency data on furloughed workers in the United Kingdom show that the economic...

One Year Into the Pandemic: Who Maintains Social Distancing and Who Doesn’t

A new study measures factors associated with the adoption of social distancing across America and finds that widespread adoption of social distancing measures is correlated with higher incomes, political affiliation, and social capital.

Lack of Trust in Doctors Undermines Covid-19 Vaccination Strategy

Recent data from the Financial Trust Index (FTI) reveals that Americans are not as willing to be vaccinated as the government expects. Trusting doctors and being afraid of the disease are by far the largest determinants of...

Why Is All Covid-19 News Bad News?

A new paper finds that media coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic, including vaccine development, tends to be more negative in the US than elsewhere. A striking 91 percent of major US media articles are predicted to be...

Covid-19 Surges Drive Up Demand – and Pay – For Nurses Willing To Travel

Covid-19 surges have led to spikes in demand for short-term nurses across the United States. A new paper finds nurses travel longer distances, and are more likely to leave their home state, when compensation is higher.

Managing the Covid-19 Pandemic: Good Health Policy Is Good Economic Policy

Many economists object to framing the response to the Covid-19 pandemic as choosing between health and wealth. Health protection and wealth creation both rely on physical proximity and thus are inextricably linked. We cannot do one of...

How Pfizer’s Vaccine Announcement Demonstrates the Political Power of Firms

By timing the disclosure of the results of its vaccine trial, Pfizer could have influenced the 2020 presidential election. This is worrisome regardless of whether Pfizer used that power or not.

The Covid-19 Vaccine is Nearly Here. The Question is: Will People Take It?

In addition to the challenges involved in manufacturing and distributing the new Covid vaccine from Pfizer, the reluctance of many Americans to take a Covid-19 vaccine, if and when one is available, remains particularly daunting.

Covid-19 Is Reducing Americans’ Confidence Across Institutions

Latest US household survey findings reveal that the Covid-19 crisis caused a sharp reduction in Americans’ confidence in institutions—whether or not they were directly impacted by the pandemic. The...