Alberto Alesina

“Thank You and Farewell”: Francesco Trebbi on Alberto Alesina’s Intellectual Legacy

There are two main intellectual precursors of modern political economy in 20th Century: Social Choice and Public Choice. In founding modern political economy, Alberto Alesina shed both schools' intellectual dead weights.

From Politics to Macroeconomics and Beyond

Alberto Alesina’s curiosity and intellect led him to a research path that opened up entire fields of research and deepened our understanding of political economy. Every time a student...

Political Economy, NBER Meetings, Gender Norms: How Alberto Alesina’s Research Changed Economics

Since the beginning of his career, Alberto Alesina has been a tireless proponent of the cross-contamination between economics and political science, psychology, and cultural study. His innovative approach proved extremely effective.

How Alberto Alesina Challenged the Median Voter Theorem

"Alberto Alesina's insight was that the economy was driven neither by the opportunistic behavior of politicians nor by the pursuit of partisan policies but by the inability of agents in the economy to adapt quickly to the...

Not Everyone Agreed With Alberto Alesina, but Nobody Could Ignore the Work He Did

Harvard professor Jeffry Fridel was a friend and a colleague of Alberto Alesina. They shared the beginning of their careers, a house (for a while), and a passion for the big questions: "In the early days of...

“There Are Few Things More Exciting Than Learning Something New and Important About Humanity”: Alesina’s Scientific Odyssey

"It is a rare scholar who does research in his 60s that is as exciting as the research that he did in his 30s": Alberto Alesina's colleague and co-author Edward Glaeser recalls his academic and teaching achievements.

How Political Conflict Shapes Macroeconomics: Alberto Alesina’s Intellectual Legacy

One of the most respected economists of his generation, Harvard professor Alberto Alesina suddenly died at 63. His friend and colleague Guido Tabellini recalls how Alesina changed the way scholars study the interactions between politics and economics....

“Alberto Alesina Always Knew Where The Big Ideas Were”

Harvard economist Alberto Alesina passed away at 63. Paola Giuliano, UCLA professor and Alesina's co-author, recalls his intellectual and human legacy: "He shaped the way in which we think about political economy, but more importantly he shaped...